So, I had this idea last night, and I need your help.

My family dines out frequently. Not expensive dining, necessarily, but dining out nonetheless. I wondered what would happen if, even just once during the month, we didn’t dine out but instead gave that money to a local food bank. How much impact could that have?

My local food bank (the Mid-Ohio Food Bank, located in Columbus, Ohio) provides the following fact:

Because of food donations and our bulk purchasing power, a $5 donation (the price of a burrito, latte or movie ticket) really equals $40 worth of food!

That’s $8 worth of food for every $1 donated. So, if you consider that the average family of four might spend $30 dining out at a relatively inexpensive restaurant, your donation could mean $240 worth of food to a local food bank!

For one night of dining in and eating a bowl of soup and a sandwich instead of that steak or salad you love, you could feed a number of families this winter.

Please consider taking up this challenge and giving up one of your dining out experiences this month to help feed those less fortunate. Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! can help you locate food banks in your area, but if you’d just like to help in any way you can, the Mid-Ohio Food Bank would gladly accept your donation.

Props to Columbus blogger Cheryl Harrison for inspiring this idea with her recent 21st birthday campaign.

Thanks for your help, friends.